Our Services

Who We Are ?

We’re an independent software application development agency, building mobile apps and web applications in Malaysia.¬†With more than 17 years of experience in the field of Web development and consultancy, 6 years of Apple Macintosh platform and 3 years of iOS mobile expertise, we first started with projects related to the Web covering areas such as Creative Web Design, Web Multimedia Development and Mobile Apps development and training.

Our aim is to create a computer literate community evolving around the mobile world that has shape the current way we interact. We have successfully done that by giving training and creating innovative ways with our clients through newfound social medias.

Currently we are aggressively training iOS Development to Developers all over Malaysia. Our next targeted platforms will be Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android TV and Arduino.

We also provide professional animation, advertising and event management services with experienced personnel and portfolios.

What We Do?

Our 1-stop New Media Services include:

  • IT Trainings specializing in Mac Related training and Mobile iOS Apps Development
  • Mobile Apps & Games development including Android & iOS
  • Apps development, marketing & promotions
  • iBooks & eMagazines Apps¬†design development
  • IT Project Management & Consultancy
  • Web hosting & Domain registration
  • Website development & design
  • Online webcasting and webinar
  • Local & Online marketing

What can we propose to your organization:

  • Co-Branded Mobile Apps Development
  • Mobile Games for Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing for your Mobile Apps
  • Staff training on Apps Development
  • Cloud workflow training

Our Services Include

Need Training? Need Mobile Development?..Here some of what we can provide for all of you.